Friday, February 13, 2009

Cycle Oregon registration

At 9:55pm on the 5th of February I registered for Cycle Oregon. For those of you who may not be familiar with this event, it is a 400+ mile bicycle ride that showcases various parts of Oregon - check out to get more information on this event. My friends Chris and Lori have ridden this tour in previous years and have always had a good time. This year I decided to join in the fun.

I have always enjoyed riding my bicycle and always used to travel by bicycle, but I have allowed work to take over my life during the past few years (more like 10!). Ten years ago I was mountain biking, racing, and skiing all the time. I was a light 175 pounds and could eat everything - now I am 230 pounds and work far too much. This year that trend will end. I have a goal, and a few people to help out.

My friend from work, Scott W. who does personal training on the side, offered to help out with my training. He tells me that the fun will begin March 1st. Every day I have seen him he just looks at me with a joyful glee that is a bit frightening - I know he is just waiting to begin the workouts. Both Chris and Lori will be there pushing me along on the training rides throughout the year.

I will be updating my progress at least once per week, and may even be able to post progress on my bicycle building. Thanks for looking.

Kevin Ostrom

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